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How to rekindle your romance on Valentine’s Day

If you have been married for years, Valentine’s Day might seem like just another day but it can be very special. Use this romantic holiday as an opportunity to rekindle the flame between you and your spouse. Follow these tips to jumpstart your relationship on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Love note on mirror

Rekindle your romance with these love tips:


Write him a series of love notes

Use Post-its to write your hubby a series of love notes that he’ll find throughout the day. Leave one on the bathroom mirror, one on the carton of milk, one on his computer keyboard, etc.

2Reminisce about your courtship

Create a scrapbook or photo album with pictures and keepsakes from years gone by. Talk about the days when you were first dating and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

3Give him a night of pampering

Women aren’t the only ones who love pampering. Take a bubble bath together and then give him a back or foot massage. He’s sure to return the favor.

4Commit to making changes

Do you nag too much? Are you always too busy for sex? Does your husband take work home with him too often? Make a commitment to each other by making changes in your life. Small changes in terms of couple time and romance can yield big rewards.

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