How to get what you want

Relationships are all about compromise, but sometimes you just want to convince your guy to give in and acquiesce to your demands. Here are a few simple tips for getting what you want.

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Don’t be pushy

Whether you’re angling for new kitchen appliances, an extended vacation abroad or something as simple as what to have for dinner, being pushy can have a less-than-desired effect. If it sounds like you’re telling him what he should do, he may do the opposite just to spite you. So be subtle with your arguments, rather than aggressive.

2Offer something in return

If you really want something and you aren’t making much progress with your debating skills, you can offer him a trade. For instance, if you really can’t bear to spend another winter vacation with his parents in Florida and would rather go to Jamaica, you may have to offer to spend next Christmas with his folks, rather than at home with friends. How badly do you want it? If it’s worth a trade, think about what you can offer.

3Plead your case – in pieces

Often, when guys think they’re being lectured, they tune out and simply nod and smile until you’ve stopped speaking. So instead of wasting your breath on one long diatribe, break up your arguments into smaller, easy to digest pieces so he’s more likely to listen.

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4Think about timing

If you think you can convince him you’re right while his favorite team is winning at whatever sport they play, you’re grossly mistaken. The same goes for when he’s just come in the door from work, or you’re in the car on the way to someplace he hates, i.e. the mall. Choose a time he’s relaxed, happy and most likely to take in what you have to say.

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