Worst Valentine’s Day gifts

We talked to 20 women about Valentine’s Day about the gifts that they have received of the years. Print out this list of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts and give it to your husband or boyfriend to give him a clue about what you don’t want.

Bathroom scale

  1. A bathroom scale (not much better is the chocolate scale)

  2. An artificial rose

  3. A jogging suit

  4. Stale chocolate

  5. An ugly sweater

  6. Dinner with his parents

  7. Raw steamMidol

  8. A gift card to Walmart

  9. A vacuum cleaner

  10. Lingerie that was two sizes too big

  11. A card with $20 inside

  12. ParrotA parrot that bit people and never stopped squawking

  13. Coupons to a pizza place

  14. A gym membership

  15. Porn

  16. A blender

  17. Two raw steaks (and he expected me to cook them)

  18. A bottle of vodka

  19. A can of peanuts

  20. No gift at all

What you saidTELL US: What is the worst Valentine’s Day gift that you’ve received? Share in the comments below!

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