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Simple ways to boost your sex drive

Being “in the mood” can be tricky business. You definitely know when you’re right there in the zone, ready for action, but you also know when you’re at the opposite end of the sexy times spectrum. There are many reasons why you might want to skip sex in favor of sleep (or TV, or reading), but we’ve put together some surprisingly simple tips for getting in the mood.

Sexy couple in the hot tub.

Ask for some time

If you’re honey is getting all hot and bothered and you just couldn’t be, well, bothered, don’t shut down completely. Ask him to give you some time to get warmed up and come around to the idea. If you were lost in thought or filled with anxiety about tomorrow’s big presentation at work, the last thing on your mind when he suggested moseying towards to the bedroom was sex. Tell him you need to clear your head and then you can start fresh.

Do something sexy together

Sometimes jumping right into bed is great, but other times you just don’t feel that urgency to tear your clothes off. So instead of forcing the issue, don’t start in the bedroom. Take a bath together, or jump in the shower and soap each other up or give each other a massage with some aromatherapy massage oil. Whatever you decide to do, the point is to do something sensual, without diving right into sex.

Make note of niceties

What have you done for each other lately? Write down the things you love about your partner and have him do the same about you. You can also jot down anything of note he’s done for you, like fill your car up with gas or have dinner ready when you came home late. Just reading all the things he loves about you will do wonders to put you in the mood. Make this a regular habit to boost your relationship as a whole.

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