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How to deal with an on-again, off-again guy

You’re together one day, the next you’re not. Things are good for a while, a week later it’s a different story. Some relationships just can’t seem to hit their stride, no matter how much attraction or affection there is. Here are a few strategies for dealing with a hot and cold hookup.

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Stay in the dating game

If you’re seeing a guy who likes to pull the disappearing act, the worst thing you can do is wait around for him to commit. If you’re having fun by all means keep spending time together whenever the two of you are “on-again” but don’t sell yourself short by missing out on other prospects – keep your options open.

2Try not to stress

As hard as it sounds, stressing about the next time he’s going to go AWOL will just give you a migraine. If you can’t handle the roller coaster of an off and on romance, you may want to just get off the ride. But if you want to stick around to see what (if anything) changes, try not to drive yourself crazy wondering whether you’ll see him this week.

3Ask yourself if it’s worth it

At some point you’ll have to ask yourself whether the up and down dating routine is worth the anxiety and headaches. If it’s not, and you’re not having fun being on the edge all the time, you might want to cut your losses and save yourself the stress.

4Give him an ultimatum

Once you get fed up with waiting around for him to make a decision one way or another, you can give him an ultimatum. You may not get the answer you were hoping for, but at least you’ll be free of the never ending up and down dating cycle. And maybe, by you asking him to choose, he’ll realize what he has isn’t worth losing and stick around for good.

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