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4 Fabulous wedding trends for 2011

If you are planning your wedding for 2011, keep the latest trends in your mind, add a few classic elements and incorporate a little of your personality to make your wedding day truly special. Here are four fabulous wedding trends that you’ll love.


Pocketed wedding dresses

We aren’t suggesting you keep your iPhone in your pocket to Tweet while walking down the aisle, but a wedding dress with pockets does make sense.

More and more designers have created wedding dresses with pockets. Now you can keep your compact, tissues and anything else you need on hand.

Wedding brunches

Want to save some cash when planning your wedding? Have it earlier in the day.

Wedding brunches are becoming increasingly popular. You can serve just about anything for brunch and most wedding venues are cheaper during the daytime. You’ll also save on the bar bill because most people tend to drink less alcohol early in the day.

Glitzy hair accesssories

Classic veils are taking a backseat to elaborate tiaras, crystal-encrusted combs and unique hair accessories. Many brides are choosing to add some sparkle to their hair with crystal hair charms.

DIY elements


You don’t need to hire a vendor for very aspect of your wedding. Invitations, favors, centerpieces and even the wedding cake can be a DIY project. Your bridesmaids can help you assemble invitations and favors. You can buy loose flowers for cheap to create your own centerpieces and decorations. And the best baker in the family can bake your wedding cake in lieu of a gift. Couples are incorporating more DIY elements into their weddings in order to save as much money as possible.

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