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3 Unique ways to spend Valentine’s Day

If you don’t want to head to a restaurant or party for Valentine’s Day, here are three unique places to go — no matter your relationship status.

Couple in bed with wine


If you are married…

Just because you are married with little kids doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic holiday. It’s hard to find a babysitter on Valentine’s Day — so just wait until they are asleep, then create your own quiet evening at home. Turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat. Have a picnic in bed with finger foods, fruit and a bottle of wine or champagne. Give each other a massage and just relax. Don’t say a word at all and let your bodies do the talking — you wouldn’t want to wake the kids.

2If you are in a new relationship…

Valentine’s Day is tough if you are new to a relationship. You don’t want to do anything too romantic. You don’t want to give big gifts that come with too many expectations for the future. Therefore, your best bet is too keep things light-hearted. Take the day off from work and spend it at the amusement park. You can hold each other on scary rides and sneak a kiss on the ferris wheel, no matter your age.

3If you are single…

Going solo on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a disaster. If you aren’t interested in heading to an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, splurge on yourself instead. Rent an exotic sportscar and take yourself on a weekend getaway. Can’t afford it? That’s okay, there’s plenty to do in your own hometown. Go to the movies and watch back-to-back films all day, or order in Chinese, give yourself a pedicure and rent some action or suspense movies (stay away from the romantic comedies).

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