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5 Diet books for weight loss success

Have you already ditched your New Year’s resolution to lose weight — for good? To get you back on track and motivate you to toss the fad diets, here are five of the best diet books that are just now hitting the bookstore shelves. These diet books will help you embrace a sensible eating plan that will not only show you how to shed pounds and burn belly fat, but also give you recipes, motivational tips and workouts that will improve your health — inside and out.

1The Women’s Health Diet

The Women's Health Diet

Currently only available at, The Women’s Health Diet is a scientifically-proven nutrition and fitness plan that arms women with simple strategies to help them lose weight and achieve the lean and sexy bodies they’ve always wanted, even if they don’t have a lot of time to spare. This diet book actually encourages you to eat more food, not less, and tackles weight loss in an entirely different way than most other plans. You get slimming secrets, fast-track tone-up workouts, food fixes and an extensive list of the best foods for women, among many other practical diet tips. Busy or not, you really can slim down, shape up and feel great with The Women’s Health Diet.

2The New Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life

The New Abs Diet: The 6-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life

David Zinczenko, editor in chief of Men’s Health, has updated his original Abs Diet book with new scientifically backed tips that will get your abs flat in even less time. Zinczenko helps you better understand why your diet is essential in whittling your waist, and also how the Abs Diet plan truly benefits your entire body – from building lean muscle mass to reducing your risk of chronic diseases. You’ll love the new recipes featuring Zinczenko’s “12 Abs Diet Powerfoods” as well as the many ways to incorporate the foods you love without destroying your diet. Don’t forget the Abs Diet workouts – the book has illustrated exercises and workout plans that are a must for achieving the ultimate six-pack.

3The Lean Belly Prescription

The Lean Belly Prescription

Written by Travis Stork, MD, host of The Doctors TV show, The Lean Belly Prescription is “the cure for belly fat.” Dr. Stork has seen the chronic health problems that arise from excess belly fat – heart disease, stroke, diabetes, sexual dysfunction and more – and formulated the Lean Belly Prescription to help you lose weight safely and forever, give you a diet with foods you love so you don’t feel deprived, get you on an exercise plan that targets belly fat and persuade you that losing weight is the only way you are going to add years to your life. The diet book features a “Pick 3 to Lean” plan as well as delicious recipes for a lean belly and illustrated exercises to help you boost your metabolism with muscle mass.

4The Self-Compassion Diet

The Self Compassion Diet

Combining the best of four proven weight loss methods – self-love, mindfulness, self-hypnosis and group support – author Jean Fain, a licensed psychotherapist, teaches you to truly accept yourself and by doing so achieve remarkable physical changes that don’t require restrictive dieting or pummeling workouts. If you’ve failed again and again with traditional dieting methods, it might be time to embrace The Self-Compassion Diet and approach weight loss with a mind-body approach that will greatly improve your body image and the chances of long-term success. Certainly not your typical diet book, The Self-Compassion Diet proves that loving kindness to yourself is more effective than any diet food or miracle diet – you’ll lose weight all while gaining respect and love for yourself.

5Diet Drama

Diet Drama

Diet Drama, written by Nancy Redd, a Harvard graduate and former Miss Virginia who has been a suffering size 0 to an embarrassed size 12, has three principles: feed your body, move your body and love your body. As a way to reach out to girls and women who are struggling with socially pressured body image issues, Redd uses her life experiences and fun, frank attitude toward weight to demonstrate that one size does not fit all. In addition to tips for feeling better about yourself and your size, Diet Drama delivers sample food and exercise plans, photos of serving sizes for portion control, images of real-life body types and lots of inspiration and motivation to eat healthfully (and realistically), exercise and commit to self-care.

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