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How to make him feel wanted

Once you’ve been in a relationship for a while it can be easy to take your guy for granted. You know he loves you and that he’ll be there when you come home from work, but complacency can lead to relationship ruts. Make a point to show your significant other you appreciate him. Check out some fun (and frisky) ways to show him how much you care.

Couple having a romantic dinner.


Start a make out session

When was the last time you and your man made out? If it was recently, good for you! But if it’s been a while since you spent some quality time kissing, we suggest starting a face-sucking session with your guy. You’ll show him how hot you still are for him, and chances are, kissing like crazy will help reignite some of your own playfulness and passion.

2Flirt shamelessly

Flirting is something that happens when you first meet someone. It’s like a dance, leading up to that amazing moment when you totally click. Once you’re in a relationship, flirting falls by the wayside. But it doesn’t have to. Act like you would if you were trying to pick up your guy in a bar. Laugh at everything he says, casually rest your hand on his knee, lean in close to tell him something and do anything else that will make him feel like he’s the luckiest guy in the room.

3Take him out

Choose a new restaurant or someplace he’s always wanted to try, make a reservation and surprise him with a date night on you. It doesn’t have to be somewhere fancy or expensive, but the point is to make him feel like he’s being wined and dined for a night, without having to make any decisions or get out his wallet.

4Dedicate a day to him

Make a list of all the things your man loves and try to cram as many of them into a day dedicated to him as you can. Cook his favorite meal, buy his favorite beer or wine, watch whatever he wants on TV, wear the outfit that drives him crazy, give him a massage and let him know that you your only goal that day is to make him happy.

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