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This year, let your goal be a happy new you! Here, explore some of the many goodies — articles, photo features, lists and tools — SheKnows offers to help you get motivated to make changes in your life to lose weight, get fit, and be healthy!

Check out more than a hundred hand-picked articles and features all about diet & fitness! Getting healthy is a big deal, which is why we have hundreds of articles covering nearly every angle. Take your time and browse around!


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  • Get motivated: It’s one of the biggest hurdles on the way to reaching your diet, fitness and weight loss goals: Motivation. Here are tips, tricks and tools to help you get — and stay — motivated!
  • Diet tips: From counting your calories to making the foods you eat count, here is a collection of diet tips for a happy new you!
  • New habits: With any kind of self-improvement — whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, stop smoking or something else — the trick is to break the bad habits while you start good new habits. Here are some ways for you to get started!
  • Celeb photo gallery: Take a look at some celebrities before and after their weight loss.
  • Top 10 fitness gadgets: These 10 gadgets, accessories and other goodies can do everything from keeping you well-hydrated through any fitness routine, to making your workouts work harder for you, to helping you tone parts of your body regular exercise routines won’t touch.
  • Freebies & downloads: A few free goodies for you, to help you on your diet and fitness quests…
  • Win stuff: From fitness DVDs to home entertainment systems, check out the prizes you can win from SheKnows here!

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