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10 Tips for getting your couch potato guy off the couch

If your man prefers the couch and potato chips to breaking a sweat and improving his health, you’ll need to be cunning in motivating him to move – we all know couch potatoes are hard to convince that sweat is better than sweets. Don’t despair, here are 10 tips for getting your guy to work out with you. After all, a healthy couple is a happy couple.

Couch potato man

1Make exercise fun

You’re training for a marathon but your man wouldn’t run unless a bear was chasing him? Compromise. Ask him what kind of workout he would enjoy, and be willing to step outside your own exercise comfort zone if necessary. Maybe he’d enjoy a spin class, inline skating or swimming a few laps.

2Communicate with your man

Make sure your guy knows that you love him exactly the way he is. Reassure him that you’re not trying to make changes in his life because you’re unhappy with some aspect of his appearance or his character. In very simple terms (really, rein yourself in), express that you enjoy being active and fit, and explain that you just want to share that experience with him.

3Slow and steady exercise wins the race

If your spouse is receptive to getting off the couch, take it easy at first. Maybe get the kids involved in a pick-up game of soccer on the lawn or take a hike to a favorite picnic spot. Too much too soon may kill his exercise enthusiasm.

4Be encouraging about physical activity

If your partner makes any kind of effort to participate in some form of fitness activity, make a point of encouraging him in a supportive, non-patronizing way. Be a cheerleader — a very subdued, sensitive cheerleader.

5Persevere and be positive about workout progress

Assuming you’re not actually his paid personal trainer, it’s not your job to get your spouse off the couch. Be encouraging when he makes a positive effort and be quietly supportive if he falls off the wagon. Don’t give up. Set a good example; inspire through action.

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