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Weight loss: Support for keeping the pounds off

Success in life is not about a matter of inches or pounds. Success is when you start taking the first steps toward a meaningful, worthwhile goal. In determining your health-related goals, whether it be weight loss or just overall fitness, it’s smart to also choose a health and fitness facility that not only offers support but also fits your lifestyle.

Woman with personal trainerDiet logic

It’s no secret that in order for you to be successful with weight loss, you have to have to take in fewer calories than you burn — very simple math, pure science.

Fitness alone may not work

You can choose workouts or health clubs that focus on burning excess calories via cardio machines and strength training as one method of weight loss. Any program that is fun and keeps you motivated to move more is terrific. Exercise will certainly produce both health and weight loss results, but it will take longer if you don’t eat correctly. Sure, you can burn approximately 600 calories spending 90 minutes on a treadmill, but who has that kind of time to spend on exercise? It’s very hard to reach your weight loss goals through fitness alone.

Forget fad diets

You can also spend thousands of dollars following the many weight loss methods available across the country. However, if these “diet” programs usually ask you to stop eating your favorite foods or make you buy their program’s foods, your weight loss success will be short-lived. The stats don’t lie – 97 percent of diets fail. Any program that asks you to cut out complete food groups, or doesn’t allow you to eat your favorite foods, is doomed to fail. Deprivation doesn’t work.

Your fork is the best piece of fitness equipment

Portion control is the key to long-term weight management. Your fork and spoon are two of your best pieces of fitness equipment. You must start to understand proper serving sizes. Studies have shown that accountability and behavior modification are extremely important in developing successful strategies for weight control. Portion control is a behavior – learn to lose the portion distortion to lose weight.

Long-term weight loss is multi-faceted

Losing the weight is one issue, but keeping it off is the other paramount issue, and it is much easier if you have a fitness program that supports a realistic way to eat, educates you on proper portions, helps you build lean muscle tissue, and gives you guidance to effectively and safely expend extra calories.

Find a fitness facility that combines weight loss counseling with fitness training

When you’re seeking a fitness facility to help you reach your weight loss and fitness objectives, look for one that combines weight loss and nutrition counseling with personalized, private fitness training. You can reach your goals if you remain dedicated, determined and disciplined, but having qualified health, fitness, and nutrition professionals providing you with a comprehensive program will give you the best support to lose weight and keep your weight off for the long term.

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