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What not to tell your guy

Being open and honest in a relationship is important, but sometimes you have to fudge the truth a little in order keep things running smoothly. We’re not talking boldface lies, but rather omissions that can save your sanity and keep him from going off the deep end.

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You dreamt about another guy

It was a dream; it’s not real, so why tell him about the sexy times you had with another guy while you slept? Even though it didn’t really happen, some guys will have a hard time with the fact your subconscious conjured up someone that wasn’t him.

You were asked out

Sure, some guys would love the fact that their girlfriend is a hot commodity, but others don’t want to hear it. If you’re dating the jealous type, just tell him you had a good time out dancing with your BFFs and leave out the part where the cute guy offered to buy you a drink.

You hate his mother

Unless she goes out of her way to insult you, keep your comments about his mom to yourself. You may think she’s awful, but do your best to stay quiet. Guys often get very insulted if you speak ill of their moms so don’t risk an argument. You don’t have to lie through your teeth, just keep any negative comments to yourself or better yet, unload them on girlfriends.

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