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12 Alternative Valentine’s Day ideas

So you’re not the flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinner type. Not everyone is. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun together on February 14th. We’ve come up with some ideas for an out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day.

Couple watching a movie.

Just because you’re part of a couple, doesn’t mean you have to follow the rules on Valentine’s Day. You can go out for dinner and eat overpriced chocolate any day. Forget the played out date night – this year, do things differently!

Enjoy a different Valentine’s Day date

  1. Rent a scary movie

  2. Volunteer together
  3. Host a dinner party for all your single friends
  4. Take in a stand-up comedy show
  5. Go see some live music
  6. Invite another couple over for games night. Losing couple owes the winners a drink.
  7. Take a weekend road trip
  8. Play video games. Loser has to prepare Valentine’s Day dinner.
  9. Take a class (cooking, photography, art) together
  10. Get your adrenalin pumping with rock climbing or snowboarding
  11. Go bowling
  12. Hit the gym


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