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How to set up single friends

We’ve all been tempted to play matchmaker, but the process of shooting cupid’s arrow in the right direction is harder than it looks. To better your chances at making a love connection, we’ve put together some simple rules for setting up single friends.

Couple on a date eating.


Don’t expect miracles

Just because you think the guy from your office would be perfect for your best friend’s sister, doesn’t mean the two of them will end up married with kids before the year is out. Setting people up is merely a shot in the dark (ideally ending with a love match) but it doesn’t always work out that way so try to keep your expectations in check.

2Be honest

If the guy you want to set your BFF up with is balding, tell her. If she asks about his job and he’s currently unemployed, tell her the truth. If you’re setting people up you have to honest about their appearance, job and personality so no one is surprised when the tall, dark and handsome investment banker turns out to be short, stocky and “between” jobs.

3Consider compatibility

This may seem obvious, but often in the excitement of finally finding a single woman you can push in your brother-in-law’s direction, you forget to ask yourself if they’re compatible. Do they like similar activities? Read similar books and see the same types of movies? The people you set up don’t have to be identical in personality, but they should be compatible.

4Don’t meddle

Once you’re made the magic happen, step away. It’s tempting to ask the people involved in the set-up how things are going, but being too pushy about their progress as a couple can be annoying and actually put a damper on their duo. If and when they want to share anything, they will. But until then, give them some space.

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