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5 Reasons to hate Valentine’s Day

It’s the day for romance and roses. However, everything isn’t rosy for everyone on Valentine’s Day. Here are five top reasons you might hate this holiday.

Unhappy couple on Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day cards

Once you get past grade school, Valentine’s Day cards are horrible — goofy poems, tacky cartoons and too much pink.

2Stress of losing weight

Starting on New Year’s Day, you begin stressing out about losing weight to fit into your slinky red dress for Valentine’s Day.

3The competition

On February 15, the dreaded question comes from every one of your girlfriends — “What did he get you for Valentine’s Day?”

4New relationships

If you just started dating someone, Valentine’s Day is nearly impossible to handle. You don’t want to go somewhere too fancy. You don’t want to buy a gift that is too personal or too expensive. Everything about Valentine’s Day is a recipe for disaster.

5The price of roses

Roses are reasonably priced most other times of the year. When Valentine’s Day, the prices are jacked up sometimes five times the regular cost.

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