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New body by summer: 5 Hints to get there

The summer’s hottest bikinis are already hitting the racks at the stores near you… and while you’re barely beginning to shed your winter layers, summer is truly just around the corner. If you feel like you need to shed more than your parka to be happy with your swimsuit body this year, try these simple weight loss tips to help you get ready for summer.

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Summer is on the way and you know what that means… swimsuit season! Though this is possibly one of the scariest phrases — especially if you’re feeling a bit fluffier after the holidays — here are 5 hints to help get you to your happy swimsuit body:


Eat breakfast

People sometimes skip breakfast because they are rushed in the morning, but those who skip breakfast as a way to lose weight are sadly on the wrong path. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast regularly are better able to control their weight than those who skip it.

2Drink water

No juice, no soda, just plain water. Eight to ten glasses of water every day will keep your body hydrated and allow your kidneys to flush out the waste. With adequate water intake, your body will be able to metabolize fat more effectively. Having a glass of water 10-15 minutes prior to your meal will make you will feel full once you start eating, helping you eat less. More incentive: you can lose 62 calories just by drinking a glass of ice-cold water.


What list on “how to lose weight fast” would be complete without exercise? While you can certainly lose some weight without exercising, the results are much faster when you incorporate at least one hour a day of physical activity. Even if you are currently exercising, you’ll need to kick it up a notch if your calendar goal is rapidly approaching. Grab your kettlebell, yoga mat or running shoes and get moving toward a new body.

4Cut the calories

When it comes to weight loss, calories count the most, says Michael Dansinger, M.D., the doctor for NBC’s The Biggest Loser. He recommends cutting back to a daily level of 7 calories per pound of your current body weight (which for a 200-pound person would be 1,400 calories), but no less than 1,050 calories/day, which is the lowest level that can be done safely at home. Dietitians more typically recommend 1,200 calories as a daily minimum.

5Clean the cupboards

Have spring cleaning come early at your house and clean out all the temptations from your kitchen: chips, cookies, soft drinks, hydrogenated oils, starches and processed meat. If the bad stuff isn’t right there within your reach, you’ll be more likely to avoid it all together. While you’re purging, don’t forget the freezer and the microwaveable meals and quick dinners in it, which are loaded with extra sodium, fat and calories.

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