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Inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead of splurging on a pricey gift, consider one of these romantic gift ideas for your man.

Couple massage

1Give him a massage

Oils and candles only cost a few bucks. Light some candles to set the mood and then give your husband or partner a sensual massage from head to toe.


Get raunchy

Buy a few sex toys, download some porn, and spend the evening frolicking with your partner in bed. Play a game where you act out whatever you see on the screen, try a new sex position or explore your secret fantasies.

3Create a digital album

You can get a digital photo album at most big box stores for about $30. Fill it up with pictures of the two of you. Most digital albums can store a few hundred photos.

4Make love coupons

Coupons are fun gifts that your partner can enjoy all year long. Give him a booklet of homemade love coupons that feature gestures of affection, sex acts and even household chores.

5Go out for dessert

Instead of heading to a fancy restaurant for dinner, get all dressed up and go for just dessert instead. If the eateries in your area hike up the prices on Valentine’s Day, go out for breakfast on the 15th instead.

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