3 Love games for Valentine’s Day

Are you staying home with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Cook dinner together, have a glass of wine and then play one of these love games. These romantic, sexy games are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year.

Ace of hearts1Love cards

Using a standard deck of cards, make a list of 13 romantic acts — kiss on the lips, nibble on the ear, etc. Get as creative and sexy as you want. Assign each card a thing on the list. For example, aces are kisses. To play the game, take turns drawing a card. Whatever the card indicates, the person who drew it must do to their partner.

2Kissing game

Rent a comedy movie and then make a rule that every time one of you laughs while watching it, he/she has to kiss the other. By the end of the movie, you should be making out, if it’s really hilarious.

3A lover’s touch

A Lover’s Touch is a popular game for physical and emotional intimacy. As you make your way around the board, you’ll enjoy romantic adventures that include 85 intimate activities and 54 passionate scenarios. You can order this game and tons of other adult games, kits, lubes and more at lovegames.com.

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