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Staying in on Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy dinner and inexpensive gifts to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your spouse. Stay in this year and have a romantic time at home.

Romance at home


Give each other a massage

You don’t need to hire a professional masseuse — give each other a sensual massage. Break out the oils and lotions. Light some candles and spend the evening exploring each other’s bodies.

2Create an indoor picnic

It’s probably too cold to head outdoors, so create an indoor picnic instead. Spread a blanket on your living room floor, pop open a bottle of wine or champagne, and feed each other grapes, strawberries and other food.

3Act out a secret fantasy

Valentine’s Day is a fabulous time to jumpstart your relationship. Each of you should write out a sexual fantasy or new position that you want to try. Then together you can act them out.

4Stay up all night

Many people take off work on Valentine’s Day each year. Instead, ask your boss for February 15th off. Stay up all night watching movies, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. Watch the sunrise together and then sleep until late afternoon.

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