3 Low-cost date night ideas

Date night doesn’t have to mean shelling out more cash than you’re comfortable with. If you’re currently in saving mode and your credit cards need time to breathe after a serious bout of spending, there are a few low-cost options to consider. But cutting back on spending doesn’t have to mean boring. We’ve put together some fun, frisky yet frugal ideas for your next date night.

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1DIY romantic dinner

Forgo a fancy (and expensive) restaurant for a candlelit dinner at home. Choose a recipe you both want to try, pick up some wine and cook up a storm. Cooking together can be very sexy and often take you from behind the counter to under the covers, if you know what we mean…

Delicious and simple dinner ideas:

Wine and cheese. Visit a local cheese shop and pick up a variety of cheeses to try. When you buy the wine, ask for help choosing some wines to pair with your purchases, or ask the cheesemonger for suggestions. Round out your romantic dinner with fresh fruit, olives, fresh bread and a variety of spreads and chutneys.

Picnic. If it’s nice out, you can do this outdoors, but if you both live in apartment buildings or the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor eating, enjoy your tasty spread inside on a quilt laid out on the ground. Think simple yet flavorful fare that’s easy to eat such as tea sandwiches, pasta salad with seasonal veggies, roasted potatoes with creamy aoli for dipping and brownies for dessert.

Make something totally new. Have you always wanted to try your hand at Korean BBQ or tackle something Mexican? Now’s your chance to really do something different while having fun in the kitchen together.

2Sexy spa night

Giving each other massages is a great way to spend a romantic night in together. Set the mood with scented candles, soft music and low lighting and take turns working out the kinks and making each other feel great.

If you’re going to try this option for a low-cost, romantic date night, it’s worth putting in the effort to really create a relaxing atmosphere. This means cleaning the house, getting rid of clutter (spas are known for their minimalist decor, after all) and brightening up the space with fresh cut flowers and other nature-inspired accents.

3Fresh air fun

Depending on the weather where you are, heading outdoors for a hike, nature walk or even to do something sporty is a fun and cheap date idea. You’ll get fresh air, exercise and get to spend time having fun together without spending much (or any) money. Some fun and active ideas include:

  • Playing tennis
  • Heading to the park to toss around a frisbee or baseball
  • Exploring a neighbourhood you’ve never spent time in
  • Checking out local attractions in your town or city that you usually bypass
  • Making it a double or even triple date by planning a game of touch football or capture the flag with other couples

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