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4 Good things about long distance love

Being in a long distance relationship can be difficult. The time spent without being able to lay eyes on your love is frustrating, but we also know relationships that take place from separate cities have benefits. Here are some of the best.

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One of the best things about long distance love is the anticipation of finally seeing your guy once you make plans to get together. Because you can’t see each other all the time, when you do have a date to look forward to, you really look forward to it – more so than someone who gets to see their guy on a regular basis.

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Good behavior

Another good thing about being part of a long distance duo is less petty arguments. If you only see your man once a month (or less), you’re not going to waste time nagging each other over things that don’t matter. Instead you’re both on your best behavior because you know you only have a limited amount of time together.

Prolonged passion

Once you’ve been dating someone for a while, the excitement and passion inevitably taper off, but you can expect the lust to last longer when you go long periods without seeing your guy. Every time you see him it feels new because you have to go weeks or months without being together.

Amped up romance

Chances are, when you’re in a long distance relationship you only get to see your significant other sporadically, so when you do get together you’ll put more effort into being romantic. Rather than just doing the same old thing, you’ll be more likely to try new restaurants and do new things. Plus he’ll be much more likely to put effort into your dates, like dressing better and getting that haircut you’ve been suggesting he get.

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