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How to avoid depression at Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can seem like the worst day of the entire year if you are newly divorced or have recently gone through a bad breakup. Don’t get depressed or feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. With these tips, you can actually have a fantastic time on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

Splurge on a new outfit

You aren’t going to feel great if you lounge around the house all day in your ex’s college sweatshirt. Feel good and look good on Valentine’s Day. Buy a new outfit, or at least a new pair of red shoes.

Buy yourself a gift

Is there something that you have really wanted for a while? A new bracelet or even something for your home? Treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day gift that you’ll really enjoy. A spa day is also a fantastic gift for yourself.

Do something for others

Take the day off work on Valentine’s Day and spend the afternoon helping others. Head to your local nursing home or children’s hospital and hand out flowers or candy to those in need.

Go out with friends

Make plans with your single friends to enjoy a night out. Many nightclubs and restaurants host singles’ events on Valentine’s Day. Though you might not meet someone special, you are sure to have a good time if you surround yourself with friends.

Throw a party

If you don’t feel like heading to a bar, throw a party at home. Start planning early and decide whether you want to host a party for both single men and women, or just have “girls’ night in” with your closest single girlfriends.

Don’t call your ex

The biggest mistake you can make on Valentine’s Day is having a few drinks and calling your ex. Drunk dialing isn’t good any day of the year, but can be especially disastrous on Valentine’s Day. Even if you miss him, save the phone call or text for another time.

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