20 Ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone

If you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Not in the mood to hang out with single friends or go to a party? That’s okay. Here are 20 ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day alone.

Woman reading in bed

Forget that it’s the holiday for couples. On Valentine’s Day, love yourself. Take the day off from work, sleep in late and then have some fun alone.

How to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone

  1. Get a massage or a facial
  2. Go shopping and buy yourself a gift
  3. Read a good book
  4. Go to the movies
  5. Learn how to play a new video game
  6. Take a drive out of town
  7. Give yourself a pedicure
  8. Eat popcorn for dinner and rent a movie
  9. Write in your journal
  10. Head to Vegas
  11. List all the exes you are thankful not to be with
  12. Adopt a puppy
  13. Send flowers to yourself
  14. Cook your favorite meal and eat it
  15. Rent a room at fancy hotel
  16. Enjoy a good bottle of wine
  17. Volunteer
  18. Relax in a bubble bath
  19. Buy yourself a new sex toy and masturbate
  20. Don’t go online all day

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