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10 Tips for New Year weight loss

After a season of bingeing on shortbread and eggnog, it’s time to put into action your new year’s resolution to get fit (and lose weight in the process). Here are 10 no-nonsense, non-intimidating, calorie-minimizing tips, courtesy of personal trainer Trina Lambe.

Woman eating salad


Stand your ground

Burning extra calories can be as simple and effortless as standing up more often. Standing can account for up to 50 percent of the energy we expend daily. Get up from your desk more often during the day or choose to stand while taking public transit or talking on the phone.


Eat green

A bowl of fresh green spinach

Boost your immune system and nutrient intake by increasing your consumption of green, leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach. Green veggies are so minimal in calories that your body burns many of the calories off during digestion.


Control your portions

A portion of dried lentils

Smaller plates — a simple visual weight loss tool — can help you feel satisfied with less food. An easy swap is to use salad plates instead of dinner plates and cereal bowls instead of salad bowls.


Snack smart

Make a habit of keeping a few healthy “emergency snacks” such as nuts and dried fruit in your bag or purse. Portioning these snacks out at home will also help you know exactly how much you’re eating throughout the day.


Eat healthy on the go

If you’re on the run and need to buy a quick snack or drink, choose lower-calorie options. For example, a bottle of Glaceau Vitamin Water 10 has 10 calories per bottle — no need to break out the calorie calculator here! Read labels and choose wisely.




The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. If you’re not raring to hit the weights right away, try building muscle as you do other everyday activities. For example, do calf raises while washing the dishes, squats while brushing your teeth or arm curls with groceries while waiting for a taxi or walking through the parking lot.

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