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Sizzling ways to surprise your man with sex

Every relationship can hit a lull in the bedroom from time to time. If your sex life has been anything but sizzling, it’s time to heat things up with a little creativity and the element of surprise.

Make his day!
Surprising sex at the office

Need to rev things up in your relationship? Surprise your boyfriend or husband with unexpected sex.

Office romp

Meet him at the office wearing a trench coat and nothing underneath but sexy lingerie — or nothing at all. Lock his office door (or don’t!) and have sex on the desk or floor. There’s something hot about office sex, even with your hubby.

Morning surprise

Give him a good reason to get up in the morning. Wake him up with your mouth. No guy will turn down a morning blow job. Don’t be lazy about it either — really get into it and don’t make these common oral sex mistakes. Remember that oral sex shouldn’t only be a prelude to intercourse. Do it all the way, and hopefully he’ll return the favor.

Show off

When you and your partner are just relaxing in bed watching TV, surprise him by unexpectedly stripping and masturbating while he watches. He’ll be so excited that he’ll probably pounce on you before you are finished.

Fake it

You can turn any boring day into a sexual adventure with a little creativity. Ask him to come with you to your mother’s this weekend and volunteer to drive. Instead of going to see your parents, take a wrong turn on a secluded road. Pull over and seduce him in the car.

Talk dirty

If your man likes to hear dirty talk but you’ve always been a little uncomfortable about it, try to let go of your inhibitions. Start by leaving him a note or text message about all the filthy things you want to do with him. Work your way up to sexy voicemails (just not on his office phone!) and eventually start talking — or at least whispering — dirty things to him in bed.

Try something new

If your sex life has become a little ho hum lately, it’s time to try something new. Strike up a sexual conversation. Listen to your man about his sexual desires and fantasies, and talk about yours. Agree to try something new — whether it’s a new sexual position, role playing or something else you’ve never done before.

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