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3 Guy-friendly party ideas

Does your guy panic at the thought of hosting a dinner party? Do the words “cocktail party” cause his eyes to glaze over? Rather than give up on the thought of hosting a joint event, here are some entertaining ideas even your man can get behind.

Theme party.

Beer tasting party

Rather than go for the traditional wine and cheese party, opt for beer tasting instead. With so many microbreweries popping all over the US, along with interesting imported beers, a party centered on comparing and contrasting the best bottles is a sure fire way to get to your guy interested in entertaining.

Funny theme party

Ugly sweater parties, crazy costume parties, parties where everyone has to dress up as their favorite character from Star Wars – what do all these social soirees have in common? They are all about as far as away from a traditional dinner party as you can get. This will be a fun change for everyone invited and a party your guy can really get into.

Video game party

If your BF is a gamer, suggesting that your next party involve his favorite activity will undoubtedly put a smile on his face. All you need are teams of two, enough controllers and a prize at the end for the winning twosome.

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