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Wedding location trends for 2011

Beaches have been the “it” place for weddings in recent years. But in 2011, look for other outdoor wedding locations to be even more popular.

Lakeside wedding

By the lake

Rather than traveling to an exotic locale for a seaside wedding, many brides will stay local in 2011 and head to the nearest lake. The water makes a fantastic backdrop and a local lake is much more affordable option that will still be quite beautiful.

At the vineyard

A gorgeous, sprawling vineyard certainly makes a beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding. Plus, you can get great wine for the reception. Renting a spot at a vineyard for your wedding doesn’t have to be expensive. You can avoid the astronomical price tag by picking a smaller vineyard and having your wedding mid-morning, rather than later in the day.

At the botanical garden

Most major cities have a botanical garden or arboretum. (An arboretum is basically a botanical garden for trees.) These outdoor locations are lush, beautiful and ideal for a wedding. With the botanical garden, you’ll certainly save money on flowers and decorations, since the natural beauty will be built right into your wedding day. However, you may find that the arboretum is less likely to have a booked schedule, so you can find an amazing deal.

In a barn

For a gorgeous summer or fall wedding with rustic elegance, consider hosting your wedding in a barn (or on a farm or ranch). Though a barn is perfect for an afternoon BBQ, it can also be great for a more formal evening event with the right decorations.

Other outdoor wedding locations

  • Backyard
  • Cruise ship or yacht
  • Golf course
  • Hotel courtyard
  • Local park
  • Orchard
  • Zoo

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