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3 Types of guys to avoid

Are you searching for Mr Right? Be sure that you can recognize Mr Wrong. Check out these three types of guys to avoid.

The eternal frat boy1The eternal frat boy

This man-child will still attend keg parties well into his 30s. His idea of gourmet dining is eating at the Pizza Hut restaurant instead of ordering delivery. And of course, he’s obsessed with video games. He might be fun for a roll in the hay, but don’t think about making this guy your boyfriend.

He’s not ready for commitment or ready to grow up.

2The mama’s boy

We want a man that treats his mother right, but not a mama’s boy. If he lives at his parents’ house and enjoys being pampered by his mom, you are in trouble.

Date a mama’s boy and you better expect that you’ll be picking out his clothes for him, making his bed and waiting on him hand and foot for years to come. And you’ll never stack up to his mom, no matter what you do — don’t even try.

3The victim

This guy is always suffering. His boss is unfair. His ex is a bitch. His family is mean. This victim’s world is so, so unfair. Nothing is ever his fault. You might feel sorry for him at first, but believe me, he likes his life in crisis. If he didn’t, he’d own up to some of his issues and do something about them.

Don’t try to fix him — he has to want to fix himself and stop being a victim.

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