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Get sexy sculpted curves with weight lifting

“I’d like to trim up and improve the shape of my body this year. I’ve heard weight lifting can help, but I’m afraid that I’ll get too bulky and look masculine.” If this is you, no need to worry. Not only does weight lifting improve your muscle tone, it can give you a curvaceous look by slimming your waist and sculpting your body from your shoulders to your ankles. Here’s why you should be lifting weights.

Woman lifting weights

Men dig muscle tone on women

Muscle tone is an important part of a fit and attractive appearance. Men are typically attracted to women with a 7:10 ratio in their waist-to-hip dimensions. These measurements can be observed in celebrities of today and have been found in sculptures and paintings dating to 1,500 BC. Unless you are planning on following a competitive body-builder fitness plan, you don’t have to worry about getting too muscular. Moderate weight lifting can slim your waist and hips to help you achieve a sexy, curvaceous look.

Sexy benefits of weight lifting for women

Incorporate weight lifting into your weekly fitness plan and you’ll love the results.

Why women should lift weights:

  • Better muscle tone from head to toe
  • Slimmer neckline and shoulders
  • Firmer underarms
  • Slim, trim, firm core
  • Tighter butt with lift and shape
  • Lean, shapely legs

Weight lifting for physical strength

In addition to the body-sculpting benefits of lifting weights, your overall health will improve.

Lifting weights can increase bone density

Lifting weights regularly helps prevent osteoporosis by stimulating bone regeneration.

Weight lifting makes you stronger

Imagine lifting that heavy laptop bag, toddler or grocery sack and realizing it feels lighter than you expected! This is an empowering feeling.

Lifting weights reduces your risk of injury

You’ll be less prone to back strains, shoulder injuries and leg soreness from lifting everyday objects while working around your home or yard.

Weight lifting will not make you bulky or masculine

You may still be questioning whether weight lifting will make you look like a man. I’ve got good news: The vast majority of women are not predisposed to developing bulky, masculine-looking muscles if they lift weights in a moderate fashion. Women who compete in body-building competitions (as well as male body-builders) train rigorously for months or years with very heavy weights. These athletes typically use a variety of protein supplements and performance-enhancing chemicals to boost the muscle-building effects of weight lifting.

Beginner’s guide to weight lifting

Now that you’ve made a commitment to start lifting weights, here’s what you need to get started.

A pair of dumbbells: A pair of 5- or 10-pound dumbbells will do the trick for starters. These are inexpensive ($15 to $20) and easy to find in any fitness store or discount retailer. Dumbbells come in several shapes and colors and are often covered in a soft material to help protect your floors and your toes in case of a slip.

The right weight: Select a dumbbell weight that you can “curl” three to eight times with significant effort. The “curl” is a simple move: Standing straight, hold the dumbell in one hand, your arm resting at your side with palm facing forward. Then bend your elbow to raise the weight up to your bicep. If you can easily complete 10 curls, you need a heavier weight. If you can’t lift the weight at least three times, try something a bit lighter.

Weight lifting routine: Consider making an appointment with a personal trainer, who can give you a beginner’s weight lifting workout and teach you how to do each weight lifting exercise correctly. Aim to do your weight lifting routine two to three times per week.

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