Clean food: Healthy eating in the New Year

A new year has started, and if you’re like me, you over-indulged a bit too much over the holidays. But we all want to look better, feel better and be healthier in 2011. How can we reach that goal? As the author of two books, Clean Food and Clean Start, I’ve learned a lot about eating more nutritiously with ease and all the benefits you will enjoy, and I’d like to share some of my knowledge with you about how you can eat healthy this year.

Rainbow vegetables and fruit

Clean food will help you glow with health

Eating clean food — minimally processed foods — can optimize your diet, benefit your health and dramatically change how you look.

1Whole grains for stressless beauty

A diet rich in clean food features whole grains that are a great source of B vitamins and help strengthen hair and make it shine! B vitamins are also excellent for helping your body deal with stress.

2Get radiant with detoxifying foods

Eating clean and healthy food is naturally cleansing and flushes toxins from your body that could otherwise cause blemishes and skin breakouts. A clean diet means clear skin and that radiant look we all seek.

3Eat a rainbow for weight management

A diet that features all the colors of the rainbow is rich in vitamins and minerals and allows the body to operate with efficiency so that we can support a healthy metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.

4Nutritious meals mean balanced hormones

Eating well-balanced meals with lots of important nutrients supports balanced hormones and regulates moods and energy levels (especially important to women!).

5Fill up on clean food to live a full life

Good food energizes us and allows us to enjoy sustainable good health so that we can take full advantage of all life has to offer!

6Find a delicious middle ground with food

You don’t want to skip meals in the new year — that’s never good for you. And you don’t want to deny yourself every single treat because that will just make you miserable. Finding a healthy middle ground means having treats but choosing the ones that are better for you, easy to prepare and truly tasty.

7Make healthier versions of your favorite foods

Dying for fast food but you don’t want the calories and the empty carbs? Enjoy healthier versions of your favorite drive-through orders. For example, when you crave French fries, try hot, salty, crunchy (and healthy!) green fries with wasabi for spice — just sauté green beans in grapeseed oil and a little wasabi. They’re so delicious, even your kids will go for them!

8Love your healthy leftovers

Instead of skipping breakfast on those busy mornings, simply eat your dinner for breakfast! If you’ve got some healthy leftovers from the night before, warm them up and eat them for breakfast. They’ll still be delicious and way more nutritious than a lot of quick breakfast foods we often eat without thinking.

Get the kids in on it

Get your whole family involved in making clean food choices. If you bring your kids with you to the grocery store and let them choose vegetables, then cook with them to create a healthy dish for dinner, they will be proud to be part of the process, and will eat what they bought and cooked, displayed with pride! This may seem really simple, but a lot of parents don’t realize that this is far easier than trying to force kids to eat healthy when it doesn’t seem like “their” idea. Let your children choose their (healthy) foods and they will like whatever healthy dish way more than if it were yours!

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