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5 Rules for office romance

If there’s a policy against office romance at your company, you really shouldn’t engage in a relationship with a co-worker — you could lose your job. However, if you must do it, follow these simple tips to keep your office romance discreet.

Office romance

Don’t tell anyone

Even though you have close friends at work, it’s not in your best interest to tell anyone — and that means anyone — about your relationship. If you tell just one person, eventually it will get around the office and you could get in trouble.

Ask for a transfer

If you work in the same department or location, one of you should ask for a transfer so that you aren’t working directly together. This is especially true if one of you supervises the other.

Don’t use company email to correspond

Save the loves notes, dinner planning and other romantic correspondence for after office hours. You shouldn’t use the company email or other resources unless it’s for company business.

Avoid breaks together

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t show any kind of affection with each other at the office, but you should also avoid spending any extra time together. Don’t take breaks with one another or go to lunch with just the two of you. You don’t want to tip off anyone (especially your boss) that you are involved.

Start looking for another job

Once you’ve decided that this may be a long term relationship, you should start looking for another job. In the long run, you won’t be able to keep your relationship under wraps. Decide which of you should move on, and then start pounding the pavement (or at least the online job sites) to find a new gig.

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