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6 Ways to have more confident body language

Your body language says a lot about you to others. Follow these tips to have more confident body language in the dating scene.

FidgetingDon’t fidget

Avoid shaking your leg, tapping your fingers, twirling your hair or other fidgety movements. Fidgeting makes you look nervous.

Don’t cross your arms

Open up and you’ll be more approachable and look less guarded.

Don’t slouch

If you stand or sit tall, you’ll look confident even when you aren’t. When you sit up straight, don’t do it in tense, rigid manner, however.

Slow your movements

Walking fast, talking fast and moving fast makes you look and feel stressed. Slow down and relax. Walking slower makes you look more confident and assured of yourself.

Lighten up

Smile and laugh, but don’t always try to be funny. Lighten up and allow yourself to laugh, but don’t try to be a comedian. People who are always telling jokes (especially self-deprecating jokes) and then laugh at themselves look needy.

Have eye contact without staring

Having no eye contact makes you look nervous or scared. However, too much eye contact is creepy. Connect with someone with eye contact when you are having a conversation, just don’t stare constantly without occasionally looking away from their eyes.

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