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How to be less jealous

Jealousy can kill a relationship. If you have a tendency to be overly jealous, take step to control your jealousy before you push your partner away.


Write things down

Train yourself to write things down every time you start to feel jealous. Write down exactly what’s making you jealous. For example, “A woman from my boyfriend’s office called him repeatedly. I looked on her Facebook and she’s very pretty…” Now — take a break. Go get some exercise or a breath of fresh air. After you have calmed down, revisit your notes. Is there a logical explanation for what happened? Was she calling him about a work project or crisis? When you step away from your jealousy for a bit, you’ll likely realize your thoughts are irritational.

Talk to your mate

If you continue to find reasons to be jealous, talk with your husband or boyfriend and explain how you are feeling without being accusatory. Let him know what would make you feel more comfortable and secure. Is he having lunch alone with a woman repeatedly? Maybe they are just friends but if you feel he’s crossed a boundary, let him know about it. Set some rules and guidelines that you are both comfortable with.

Acknowledge your insecurities

Look into your past relationships and find out where the fears are coming from. Were you cheated on before? Did a man deceive you? Come to terms with your insecurities and seek therapy if you are obsessing on past relationships.

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