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3 Benefits of working out together

It may be winter (and really cold in some states), but that doesn’t mean your resolution to get healthy should be put on hold until June. To improve your chances at keeping that get-fit promise you made to yourself, get your guy involved. Check out the benefits of sweating it out together.

Couple working out together.

More time together

If one of your excuses for skipping the gym is making time to see your BF, why not hit the gym together? Sure, you could go to the movies or grab beers at your local pub, but if you’re worried about spending more time together, make the most of it by putting health first – together.

More sex

Working out together means you’re not only spending time together, but you’re also toning your bodies as a twosome. And the better you feel about your physical appearance, the more you’ll feel like showing off your hot body in the bedroom. Same goes for your guy. Improved physical appearance leads to confidence in most people, meaning he’ll be just as psyched to show off his abs.

More commitment

Some studies have shown that couples who hit the gym together increase their chances of sticking to their fitness routine by 90 percent. If you’re significant other is heading to the gym, chances are you’ll get off the couch to go with him. No one wants to feel lazy because their BF is going to work out while they watch TV.

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