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5 Simple ways to get in the mood for sex

Sometimes getting in the mood for sex can be easier than you think. Sure, there are often more serious things standing in the way of sex (job stress, family drama, etc.) but the things that hold you back from getting in the sack can also be pretty straightforward. Take a look at our five simple ways to get in the mood.

Happy couple kissing.

1Up the ambiance

What your surroundings look like can play a role in how much you feel like having sex. Are the lights blaring? Is the bedroom a disaster? Dim the lights, put on some sexy music and remove the piles of clothes from the bed. It’s hard to feel romantic in the midst of a messy room.

2Think about comfort

Like ambiance, comfort is another simple yet sneaky factor in how you feel about sex. Being too hot or too cold can be an instant turn-off. Close or open windows, adjust the heat or air conditioning and you may feel a bit more in the mood for love.

3Minimize distractions

It can be hard to get in the mood for sex when your phone keeps beeping to let you know you have a text or new email. Put your phone away or turn it off (or hide it) so you’re not wondering who’s trying to get in touch when you should be focused on being touched.

4De-stress together

After a long day at work or at the end of a stressful week, it can be understandable that you don’t feel like getting frisky. A good remedy for this is to de-stress together, which can be a good way to reconnect while easing you into the idea of sex. Take a hot bath together, have him give you a massage or even go for a long walk after dinner to unwind before getting into bed. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to get in the mood.

5Do something to feel sexy

Whether it’s putting on your favorite lingerie, listening to a specific album or song, lighting candles or strutting your stuff in a little black dress and sky high heels, do something that makes you feel sexy and confident if you’re having trouble getting in the mood. By making an effort to feel sexier, you’ll be much more likely to get into the right frame of mind required for an enjoyable sexual experience — meaning one that’s fun and satisfying for both of you.

Getting in the mood for sex

It’s late. You’re nicely snuggled up in bed, drifting pleasantly off to sleep. Your sweetheart nuzzles the side of your neck and you snuggle deeper into the bed. He says “Ah come on, just a quickie….” If it’s one of those nights that you desperately want to skip sex but feel like you still must, SheKnows Love Expert Dr. Noelle Nelson has just the solution for you!

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