How to get back in the dating game

So you’re ready to start testing the waters of the dating pool after spending some solo time post-relationship. Welcome back! But jumping back into the dating game can be tricky if you’re not careful. To avoid getting hurt right out of the gate, follow our rules of the rebound.

Couple kissing after a date.

Have fun

First things first – dating is supposed to fun. Don’t overthink every drink or coffee date, just go and see what happens. If you’ve just come out of a long-term relationship the last thing you need is to jump right into something serious. Relax and enjoy your freedom to see who’s out there!

Don’t get too serious too soon

Even if the first guy you go out with post-breakup seems like a dream come true, don’t go committing yourself to one person right away. Respect the fact that you’re on the rebound and still might feel strange flying solo. Give yourself some time to be single before getting reattached.

Keep your options open

Coming out of a relationship means that you may be on shaky emotional ground. Don’t let feelings of loneliness dictate who you date. Force yourself to keep your options open and take things slow so you don’t rush into something that isn’t good for you.

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