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Men’s health: 10 health products for your man

As the New Year rings in, you’re likely already thinking about the many ways you can improve your health, boost your fitness and keep your New Year’s resolutions. But what about your mate? The healthier he is, the happier you both will be. Here are 10 health products for men that you can share with your boyfriend, husband or other important guys in your life.

1TRX Suspension Training SystemTRX Suspension Training System

If your guy isn’t into going to the gym but loves breaking a sweat, steer him to the TRX Suspension Training System. This easily portable fitness tool will give your man a full-body workout (seriously – more than 300 exercises) that he can do anywhere, using the TRX and his own body weight.


2New Balance True Balance MW850 Toning ShoesNew Balance True Balance MW850 Toning Shoes

Who says chicks are the only ones who can reap the body sculpting benefits of toning shoes? Not us! Get your guy stepping in the New Balance True Balance Toning Shoes, and not only will be get a toned tush, these stylish fitness shoes will become his go-to footwear whether he’s headed to the gym or meeting you at the park for a walk.


3NBx WindBlocker Mid-ZipNBx WindBlocker Mid-Zip

If your mate hits the trails in winter weather, the NBx WindBlocker Mid-Zip, available in red and black, will keep him warm and dry with its waterproof, windproof design. As a bonus, thumbholes offer extra warmth, an interior media pocket secures a cell phone or mp3 player, and the 360 degree reflectivity will keep him visible if he relishes runs in the dark.


4Men's Health Big Book of ExercisesMen’s Health Big Book of Exercises

Don’t let your guy make excuses to ditch the gym because he’s bored — give him The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises, which is loaded with more than 600 exercises and hundreds of workouts that, practiced faithfully, guarantee lean, sculpted muscles, a tight torso, kicked-up metabolism and absolutely no excuse to slip into a lackadaisical fitness routine.


5Lab Series Skin Care for MenLab Series Skin Care for Men

Guys may not be as obsessed about their skin health as women, but many do dig clean shaves and smooth skin. Lab Series has formulated a Clean-Shave-Treat skin care system that includes educational tools that help men solve skin care problems, from acne to aging. Our favorite pick: New Maximum Comfort Shave Cream Advanced Formula.


6Orabrush Tongue CleanerOrabrush Tongue Cleaner

Halitosis is no laughing matter when you’re mouth to mouth, which is why we suggest the Orabrush, an invaluable dental tool that has ultra-soft, pointed bristles that reach deep into the uneven crevices of the tongue and loosen stinky bacteria that cause — ugh — bad breath.

GNC Longevity Factors Supplements


7GNC Longevity Factors Supplements

Though men may get “more distinguished” as they age, they can still maintain their vigor while boosting their health in the process. GNC’s Longevity Factors line includes supplements specifically formulated for eye health, heart health, energy enhancement, brain health and anti-aging, as well as a nutritional shake for strength and agility.


8Nutrition Tips appNutrition Tips app

Does your guy develop selective hearing when you start offering nutritional advice that would improve his diet? Tell him you’ll stop being his personal dietitian if he’ll install the free Nutrition Tips app from Michael Quach. Jam-packed with daily diet tidbits that are easy to follow and will help get your mate more health- and nutrition-savvy.


9High Plains Bison

High Plains Bison

If your guy wants to “beef” up, have him substitute grass-fed bison for his favorite meat dishes, such as burgers, steaks and meatloaf. Lower in calories, fat and cholesterol and packed with quality protein, bison is the healthier choice when it comes to making simple dietary changes that can improve his health.


10Bucky BallsBucky Balls

Brain health doesn’t get the fanfare that six-pack abs and bulging biceps do, but it’s an essential component of overall health and wellness. Despite the humorous name, Bucky Balls are actually a must-have desk toy that will not only give your guy a creative outlet for relieving daily stress but will also challenge his noggin to form Bucky Balls into any number of shapes and sizes. Not to mention: Bucky Balls are just plain fun.


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