Why you need girlfriends

Having a guy in your life can be awesome, but don’t neglect your girlfriends. They can offer you things your boyfriend just can’t. If you need a reminder about how important your gal pals are, check out our reasons girlfriends rock.

Girlfriends talking over coffee.

Unconditional support

Your best girlfriends are (ideally) there for you no matter what. They don’t judge you or complain when you’re feeling down. Whatever has you worried or upset or angry can be shared with your lovely ladies so you don’t have to shoulder the burden alone.

Honest advice

A great thing about girlfriends is the fact that they set you straight when you need an honest opinion about something – a new outfit, a new guy or that time you thought it would be a good idea to egg your ex’s car (it wasn’t and she told you). We all need people in our lives who can be honest with us so we make the decisions that help move us forward, not set us back.

Great sounding board

Your boyfriend might be a good listener, but even if he is, he’s probably got nothing on your gal pals. Your girlfriends are not only there to offer advice and support, but also to listen when you need to bounce ideas off of someone. Whether you’re trying to decide whether it’s time to quit your job and take that round-world-trip you’ve always wanted to go on, or need to to talk through a problem at work, your BFFs will be there.

Girls-only fun

One of the best things about your girlfriends is the fun you can have with them that your boyfriend might not be interested in. We’re talking dancing, shopping and coffee or cocktail dates that turn into all-day (or all night) gab-fests. Here’s to having great girlfriends!

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