How to have a successful one-night stand

One night stands have the potential to be a lot of fun. No stings attached, lots of passion and a great story to tell your BFF over brunch. But they can also be stressful. Stop worrying and start having fun with our tips.

Couple having fun in bed.

Don’t over-think it

One-night stands are meant to be frivolous fun. Sure, they might turn into something more, but they might not. Quit thinking about the details (whether or not he’s going to invite you to stay for breakfast, if he’ll call you later, etc.) and just enjoy the moment.

Be safe

This is probably the most important factor in your one-night stand success. Practicing safe sex is the only option – even when you’re in the heat of passion. Don’t leave it up to him either. Ask him if he has protection before you get to his place and if the answer is no, stop and pick some up. Safe sex is really the only kind to have.

Don’t expect too much

Just because he’s been whispering sweet nothings in your ear all night, doesn’t mean he’ll turn out to be “the one.” Enjoy your evening together, have fun, but don’t expect miracles. Your one night together may end up being just that – one night.

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