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How to boost your sexual confidence

All of us could use a little confidence boost every now and then. If you are feeling anything less than sexy these days, follow these tips to boost your sexual confidence.

Sexy thongDress sexy every day

We aren’t suggesting a tiny miniskirt at the office. However, you can wear something sexy every day — such as lingerie under your business suit, a lacy thong with jeans or a low-cut top when you head to the club.

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Write down your
sexual fantasies

By starting a journal, you can reveal all your sexual secrets and fantasies to just yourself and get in touch with your desires. Once you are in a relationship, you might feel comfortable letting your partner read it.

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Masturbate regularly

One of the best methods to increase sexual confidence is be comfortable with your body. Pleasure yourself regularly, whether by hand or with a new sex toy.

Get fit and healthy

Getting healthy isn’t all about losing weight. It’s about feeling good and getting fit. Exercise 45 minutes to an hour every day and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

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Repeat affirmations

Every morning look at yourself in the mirror, naked as you come out of the shower. Repeat out loud, “I am sexy. My body is beautiful. I deserve sexual satisfaction.”

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