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5 First date red flags

Though things could work out beautifully, you always should be a little cautious on a first date. If you don’t know much about the guy because it’s a blind date or someone you met off the internet, trust your instincts. Look out for red flags and signals that could mean he’s not worth a second date.

Drunk on a date

He drinks too much.

Sure, it’s okay to have a glass of wine or two with dinner. But if he finishes off his sixth Crown & Coke, then wants to get behind the wheel and drive you home, insist on a cab and reconsider dating him again.

He calls her a “psycho.”

We all go through bad breakups. But if he refers to all his girlfriends with terms like psycho, bitch or whore, beware.

He talks about how smart he is.

Everyone loves a confident man. However, an intelligent man shouldn’t have to tell you how smart he is. If he mentions his IQ or talks about other people being “beneath” his intellect, he’s probably covering up for insecurities, or could just be a jerk.

He’s rude to the waitress.

Any guy who is rude to your waitstaff on a first date is a loser. Even if you are getting bad service, there’s no reason to be disrespectful or obnoxious.

He expects you to pay.

You have a right to be outraged if he expects you to pick up the check for both of you at dinner. It’s acceptable to go dutch on the first date but you shouldn’t pay the tab for his meal.

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