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7 New Year’s sex resolutions for married couples

Many married couples will say their sex resolution for the new year is to just have more of it. However, sex isn’t all about quantity. Consider one of these sex resolutions for married couples.

Couple in bed

Try a new position every week

Buy a book of sex positions and try out a new one every week of the year. There are probably hundreds of positions you’ve never experienced.

Have sex in every room of the house

Get out of the bed and start having sex all over your house — from the shower to the kitchen counter to the backyard.

Get vocal in the bedroom

Talk dirty. Tell him what you like. Ask for what you want. Get loud.

Attend a sex workshop

Go to sex workshop or weekend retreat where you can learn about everything from reconnecting with each other to multiple orgasms to the Kama Sutra.

Start dating each other again

Plan date night with your husband every week. Do things that you haven’t done in a while. And when the date is over, have a massive makeout session.

Watch porn together

Many married men watch porn without their wives. It’s time to join him. Pick out a porn film that you want to watch and surprise him with it.

Get in better shape

To improve your sex life and your health, exercise everyday and eat a healthy, balanced diet. You’ll feel good, look good and have more energy in the bedroom.

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