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3 Ways to get over your ex right now

Getting over an ex can often take longer than we’d like. Life is short, so try not to get caught up in an endless loop of sadness. Follow our steps to getting back on track in no time.

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1Delete all traces

The more reminders you have of your ex, the easier it is to wallow in the past. Delete his number from your phone if you haven’t already and drop him as a Facebook friend. We know it’s hard, but the more tempted you are to look him up online or text him, the worse you’re going to feel. You should also get rid of anything he has left at your place like a toothbrush, any clothing and even gifts he has given you that send you into a tailspin whenever you see them.

Why it’s important: Deliberately sneaking peeks at reminders of your ex is like picking at a scab — you know it’s not going to help you heal, but you do it anyway. Looking at old photos really is like re-opening a wound, but what’s the point of feeling awful? Stay away from the temptation to wallow by ditching everything that reminds you of your ex. It’s hard, but you owe it to yourself to try.

2Have a weekend away

If you can afford a weekend getaway, go for it. Grab your BFF or a few of your best pals, rent a car and hit the road. Whether it’s a cottage trip, spa weekend or a few nights at a bed and breakfast, getting out of town can go a long way towards helping you get over your ex.

Why it works:

  • Your BFFs won’t let you wallow.
  • You’ll be so distracted by your friends and whatever adventure you’re on that you won’t have time to think about your ex.
  • You’ll realize that you can still have fun despite the post-breakup pain you’ve been dealing with.
  • By the time you get back, you’ll have a fresh perspective on life and more strength to move on.

3Start fresh

Dealing with a breakup can cause even the strongest among us to plummet into a rut. To avoid the trap of self-pity, take some time to refresh yourself and your space. Hit the spa, get a haircut and buy a brand new outfit. Then spice up your space to symbolize your step in a new direction. Repaint the bedroom, rearrange furniture or add some new accessories to give your home a new, post-breakup look.

Why it works: Making a change (whether big or small) after a breakup symbolizes that you’ve moved on. Even if you don’t yet feel like you’re over your ex, by doing things like changing your look or refreshing your space, you’re proving to yourself that you’re able to function — and thrive — without him.

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