3 Romantic winter activities

It may be cold outside, but we’ve got some great ways to warm you up. Despite the chill, winter can be one of the most romantic times of year. Check out how.

Couple ice skating together.

Ice skating

Even if you haven’t been on skates since childhood, ice skating together has a lot of potential for romance. Buy or rent a pair of skates, search online for a nearby rink, and get gliding. Holding hands as you skate and then cuddling up and sharing hot chocolate afterwards can make for one dreamy date.

Cabin rental

Renting a cabin for a winter cottage weekend can be a lot of fun. If you like the outdoors, there are many options for winter-inspired activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, and when you come in, it’s just the two of you, a bottle of wine, snuggling by the fire… Need we say more?

Snow fun

Remember how much fun you had as a kid running around in the snow, having snowball fights, making snowmen and otherwise wreaking havoc in the freshly-fallen white stuff? Getting out there with your man can be just as fun – only now you can raise the stakes on that snowball fight; Loser has to give the winner a massage.

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