5 Ways to spice up your workout routine

Finding the motivation to work out frequently is difficult enough. Trying to keep up that motivation with the same old tired workout routine is nearly impossible. Throw yourself a curve ball and spice it up. Keeping things fresh will help you enjoy your workout more. You may even find yourself looking forward to it.

Woman hiking

1Get a change of scenery

Looking at the same wall in the gym or corner of your basement is enough to bore even the most dedicated workout enthusiast. Change your location completely by moving from your home to a gym or changing gyms. If a big change isn’t feasible, try picking out a new place in your house or a new section of your gym.

2Get a partner

Everything is more fun when you bring a friend along. Ask a friend or co-worker to join you during your workout for an easy way to spice up your routine. A little conversation is great to help pass the time, and a new partner may have new ideas for exercise. Throw in some friendly competition to keep you both moving.

3Change your workout

Don’t spend all your time on the same one or two machines. Try a class once or twice a week, such as yoga, Zumba, spinning or even pole dancing. When one class starts to get too familiar, try another. Change the way you work out frequently to keep your routine fresh and make each trip to the gym exciting.

4Buy a new outfit

Ditch the t-shirt and sweatpants you usually wear to the gym. Buy a new workout outfit to make you feel refreshed and comfortable. Cotton clothes tend to hold on to moisture, becoming wet and uncomfortable long before the end of your workout. Proper workout gear will act like a wick, soaking up the sweat and pulling it away from your body. Feeling good and looking hot will give you the confidence you need to give your all to your workout routine.

5Take it outside

Get outside and breathe some fresh air. Take a break from the stuffy gym and move your workout routine outdoors. Go for a brisk walk or a run at your favorite park or play a sport with some friends. Strap on a backpack and take a hike. You’ll be surprised at how much of a workout you get when you’re hiking in the woods, especially with a heavy backpack. Even a jog down your own street can be a refreshing change of pace from time to time.

Playground fitness

Exercise with a playground swing

Swing set fitness is a form of resistance training that is perfect for weight loss or strength training. Watch this video for examples of swing set exercises for the legs, chest, shoulders, arms, butt, core and other muscles.

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