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3 Ways to get your relationship back on track

Sometimes couples start to drift apart without a specific reason. You could be bored or stressed with your everyday routine or maybe you just don’t spend enough time together. If your relationship has started to get off track, reconnect with your mate with these simple tips.

Couple time

Re-establish your traditions

What did you do with your spouse or partner when you first met? Did you go to the movies every Sunday afternoon? Did you meet for a drink after work on Fridays? Whatever traditions you used to do together that have fallen along the way side, bring them back. Re-establishing your old traditions can ignite the old feelings that brought you together and provide time to re-connect again.

Exchange inexpensive “just because” gifts

Little “just because” gifts are meaningful, not because of the price tag but because of the thought behind them. Whether it’s a cover for his putter, a travel coffee mug for his commute or a new screwdriver for his tool collection, it doesn’t matter. Giving small gifts without an occasion let your partner know that you care.

Find a mentoring couple

Do you know a couple who has been married for decades with a strong relationship? It could be someone you know through church or work. Ask them if they could mentor you together. Being around a strong, positive couple can do wonders for a relationship that is going through a rough patch.

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