How to choose the best home health aide

Finding a professional home caregiver can be a stressful responsibility for family members, especially if it is necessary due to sudden medical emergencies and decisions must be made quickly. What do families need to know about providing home health care? It’s critical to factor in cost, job requirements, employee consistency, security issues and expertise. Here’s how to choose the best home health aide for your parents or other family members.

Home health care worker

Some family members feel shame when they must call in a home health aide. Please do not. We cannot do everything ourselves. Asking for help in caring for a loved one is nothing to be embarrassed about. Home health aides are there to make your life and the life of your loved one easier, safer and less stressful. The key to success is to rely on home health aides who have special training to help the elderly, especially when dementia is a concern.

8 Tips for hiring a home caregiver

1Talk to your loved one in need of help

The most important first step is to engage your loved one who needs care in a conversation so they feel they are a part of the decision-making and hiring process.

2Research your home health options

Before you hire a home health aide you should ask yourself: Do the agencies available in your area have the same services? Do they all charge the same prices? Does one have a better reputation than another?

3Determine the type of home health care you need

Define exactly what level of care you need. Does your loved one need a home health aide to monitor 24/7, or only during waking hours? It’s important to determine the type of care before hiring a home health aide.

4Look for a home health aide who is supported by a skilled nursing staff

The most effective aide is someone who has easy and immediate access to a trained clinician, someone who can be called for advice should a problem arise. Many times simple 24/7 telephone access to a nurse can make the difference between a minor problem and a traumatic visit to an emergency room.

5Check on the home health aide’s background

Make sure the home health aide has undergone a thorough criminal background check. You want to know that the aide has been screened nationally and internationally.

6Consider home caregivers with common interests

Look for common interests between the aide and your loved one. If your family member is an avid sports fan, find a home health aide who is as well.

7A home health aide needs to be a professional

Do not hire someone you think is going to be a good friend, but someone who is trained to respond as a guest in your family member’s home: friendly but professional.

8Do a trial period with the home health aide

Treat the first few days with the home health aide as a trial period. Communicate with the supervisor and your loved one to make sure the home health aide is a good fit.

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