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4 New fitness gadgets for 2011

Have you ever looked forward to an event because you found the perfect outfit for it? The same motivation works for exercise. A new set of workout tunes, the latest fitness gadget or a cool pair of kicks adds fun and keeps you going. So why not treat yourself to a new piece of fitness equipment for the holidays? After all, your health is a gift to yourself. Check out these latest, greatest fitness toys which range from the simplest to the extravagant — but aren’t you worth it?

1ElliptiGO 8SElliptiGO 8S

What it is: If you like running outdoors but your knees don’t, this non-impact alternative may be your fitness ticket. The ElliptiGO 8S gives you the running experience without impact to joints. Think of an elliptical trainer on wheels and you have the right idea. It works for runners interested in giving their knees a break from pavement-pounding. It may seem pricey, but it’s less than the cost of a good treadmill — and you’ll actually use the ElliptiGO 8S!

Cost: $2,199
Where to buy it:


What it is: Imagine burning fat while you work. If you sit all day, you not only burn very few calories but you also put yourself at increased risk of inflammation and a host of chronic diseases. The solution: work while standing up. A better solution: work while walking by using a TrekDesk. You’ll be more productive, lose weight and reduce your risk of inflammation and disease. What’s not to love?

Cost: $479
Where to buy it:

3The Yantra MatThe Yantra Mat

What it is: Imagine hundreds of fingers soothing all your pressure points while you simply relax. So it’s not exactly strenuous, but sometimes it’s OK to simply chill out between workouts. Besides, lying on the Yantra Mat offers pretty impressive health benefits. The 8,000-plus flower-shaped acupressure discs help relieve stress, help you sleep better and improve circulation. Plus, you don’t need to know yoga to benefit.

Cost: $49
Where to buy it:

4Ugi Ball

Ugi Ball

What it is: As a cross between a beanbag, a weighted medicine ball and a stress ball, the Ugi ball is the latest incarnation of fitness balls to hit the market. At 15 inches in diameter, it’s a great add-on to home workouts. Plus, its attractive design means you don’t have to hide it in the closet when you’re done. Use it for warm-ups, cardio, strength training (it’s available from six to 12 pounds) and flexibility. Splurge on the fitness chart ($25) for helpful home workout instructions.

Cost: $129
Where to buy it:

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