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How to tell if you are ready to get married

Congratulations, you are engaged! But are you truly ready to get married? Remember, marriage is a lifelong commitment. Are you in it ’til death do you part?

Unsure bride

Dig deep & answer honestly

Relationship expert Kate Billingsley suggests you answer these three key questions in order to figure out if you are ready to get married.

1Is it all about the wedding?

Are you planning a lifetime with your mate or just the wedding? If you find yourself focused more on the wedding, take some time to re-evaluate. Do you see yourself with this partner for the long haul?

2Are you willing to compromise?

Are your pros and cons aligned? Do you want children and he doesn’t? Where do you want to live? How about pets? If he wants three dogs and you are allergic decide before you get married if either (or preferably both of you) are willing to compromise. If not, then these same differences will remain and actually intensify after you are married and living together.

3Is he your rock?

When things go wrong do you run to your partner, your friends or your mom for help? If you run to your partner in crisis and you consistency feel better afterwards then this is a sign of a truly caring partner who will be there for you. If your partner doesn’t listen or upsets you and instead you turn to your friends or family for help or validation, that’s a big red flag.

Kate Billingsley is a relationship expert and certified life coach. Her alias is Lady Fontaine — America’s #1 Love Psychic. Between her coaching and psychic guidance, she has over 360 marriages to her credit.

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